About Us

Pro Website Builder ReviewThe Pro Website Builder Review is authored and updated by the staff of Good Bear Productions, professional web developers with over a decade’s experience building and managing websites and consulting with clients on the best options for bringing themselves and their businesses onto the web. It costs several thousand dollars for a client to hire us to custom-build a website, and we understand that many people who are looking to create a new website don’t want to spend that kind of money off the bat. There are many companies out there that offer very good turn-key website building solutions that are inexpensive and easy to customize and update. In some cases these website builders are the same foundations that we begin with when our design firm creates a site for a client – for example, our default ‘engine’ for building ecommerce sites is the Big Commerce online store builder. While you may not be able (or have the need) to customize your Big Commerce site as much as we would, using their website builder you can – with a little extra effort on your part – create an online store that looks great and is functionally on par with the same site we’d make, at a fraction of the price. If you’re not building a store and just need a ‘standard’ website for yourself or your business, we also recommend several great Website Builders that allow you to choose & customize a design that fits what you’re doing, update all content yourself, and add all sorts of more advanced functionality without ever really dipping into any code. We hope you find the information here useful, and we wish you the best with your new website!